Facebook and Instagram represent more than 1.5 billion users.

Its the greatest platform for advertising in the world. Its the first advertising platform where you can actually track views, engagement, and clicks.

More advertising is generated by Facebook than its next three competitors combined.

The average user logs in three times a day and spends 9 hours each month on the social networks.

Facebook is the future of targeted advertising.

It helps you maximize your ad dollars and find your ideal target audience and get your tailored offer for them right in front of them.

Don’t waste money blanketing advertising to reach a slice of your targeted audience.

Use precision-guided audience creation to make each and every engagement worth it.

If you’re not using Facebook, you’re losing ground to your competition – because they are.

What we provide:

  • Free account setup

  • Help manage your Facebook page

  • Full-service Facebook and Instagram advertising

  • Retargeting visitors to your website or page

  • A dedicated account strategist

  • A dedicated creative designer

  • A dedicated account manager

  • A dedicated creative and copywriting team

  • In-person or phone strategy consultations at the frequency of your choosing

  • Return on Investment (ROI) tracking and reports

  • Real-time and daily analytics

  • Access to your account manager on demand

  • Real-time reporting

We specialize in businesses that are local. If you are an independent or family-owned small business, you NEED to be advertising on Facebook to keep up with established multi-national brands. You need to grow your audience.

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Our pricing is simple:

We charge $500 a month if your ad budget is between $0 and $4,999. We do everything we listed above.

After that, we charge 10% of the ad budget for any spend over $5,000.

Simple pricing. Transparent business model.

Let Neo Tomes manage your Facebook and Instagram ads today.