CONGRATULATIONS to Morpheus Inc. and Neo Tomes author and Creative Supervisor, Kurt Wagner, for being a winner of The Ernest Hemingway Foundation’s short story competition! http://buff.ly/2cJbeo5 If you would like a copy of the annual journal, please email authorsofmorpheusinc@gmail.com for more information.

Morpheus Inc. is a division of Neo Tomes that is fascinated with the idea of experimental writing.  They are constantly seeking new ways to write and tell stories. Morpheus founders, Kurt Wagner, Sean Crandall, Jason Gronich, and Suzanne Arechiga take pride in discovery and discussion that turns tropes on their heads.

The group members are firm believers that we must learn the rules of writing so that we can best figure out how to bend, twist, and break them.

The ultimate goal of Morpheus Inc. is to create original content that inspires audiences to, not only think, but to act upon their new ideas.  In effect, they are looking to change the world, one word at a time.


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